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Things to Know - WCCC Ride Levels


You will see a Ride Level, labelled as "Category", associated with all WCCC rides on our ride Calendar. Rides are color coded on the Calendar according to their Ride Level. 

Ride Level Highlighted

The Ride Level is assigned by the Ride Leader and is generally determined by the average speed of the ride. However, there are some additional factors taken into consideration when determining the Ride Level.

Here's what to expect for each of WCCC Ride Level.

C-: 10 to 12 mph average speed, generally 30 miles or less distance and relatively easy terrain (i.e. no major climbs or descents)
C:  11 to 13 mph average speed, between 25 and 35 miles distance, easy with some climbs
Super C: 12+ mph average, between 30 and 40 miles, moderate terrain, not a beginner ride
C+:  12 to 14 mph average, between 30 and 40 miles, moderate terrain
B-:  13-15 mph average, 30 to 50 miles, any terrain, but rarely any major climbs
B:  14-16 mph average, 40 to 60 miles, any terrain
B+:  15-17 mph average, 40+ miles, any terrain
Super B:  17+ mph average, usually 40 to 60 miles, any terrain
A-:  17-19 mph average, 50+ miles, any terrain
A-2:  18-20 mph average, 50+ miles, any terrain
A+: 19+ mph average, 50+ miles, any terrain
Gravel: Gravel rides tend to be slower and more challenging than their road counterparts. Read the ride description as it will typically indicate a speed and effort. i.e. Expect a B speed but a B+ effort.

The above are generally true in the summer to early October and tend to be near the higher end of any range whereas in the winter the speeds tend to be on the lower range and often shorter distances.

Use Ride Level as an initial filter, but it's always best to read the ride description and take a look at the RideWithGPS route and elevation profile when determining which ride to participate in.